About Us

grands is a Turkish brand that always aims to produce the best quality products and has been working for this purpose for a long time. Our products are made with high standard which have the technology, quality, and durability. Turksan Pompa is also one of the best pump manufacturer in Turkey.

grands, since the day we were founded, we have always provided our consumers with sustainable, safe, accurate and efficient products as part of our high standard. We create business models and processes that adopt the values you care about. 

In order to produce optimum solutions to your changing needs, we closely follow the technologies in the world on one hand, and develop new technologies in our R&D laboratories on the other. Our responsibility towards the sector, people and future generations always motivates us to do newer and better. We produce our pumps with optimize system efficiency within international standards that are accepted all over the world. 

grands products are used in many areas where liquids need to be pressurized, from industrial processes and petro-chemical industry, agricultural irrigation to general purpose water supply, waste water transfer and treatment plants.